Wonder Umbria Village

As part of the motor show called “WONDERUMBRIA”
(Excellence International Moto Tourism),
The Moto Club Maxi Moto Group 2.0, organizer of the event,
intends to search for subjects available to finance, as partners,
the organization and promotion of the aforementioned event
with the aim of producing more economies for the achievement of goals
statutes of the Association:
At the start and at the arrival of the event and, upon arrival and departure
each stage will be set up “Il Villaggio WonderUmbria”:
By joining the initiative it is possible to use the status of PARTNER,
not exclusive, of the 2019 edition of WonderUmbria.
> Visibility of the PARTNER logo in the promo-communication position
 in proportion to the categories of partners present;
the list of materials that follows is intended for purely indicative purposes:
– event presentation brochures
– T-shirt / clothing
– posters and posters
– official program
– list of competitors
– copy of the press review and post-event brochures
– Logo visibility in section of the partner website
– Possibility to place gazebos / banners at
 the Umbria VillageWonder or area adjacent to the race course
 in the squares of the historic center to carry out exhibitions.
 The set up and tax charges are the responsibility of the partner.